Duty Of Candour

When things go Wrong!

At Stalham Staithe Surgery we endeavour to provide a first class service at all times. However we accept that sometimes things go wrong and the service we provide falls short of our standards and your expectations.

We would like to assure you that we promote a culture that is open and honest, a policy that applies to all our team irrespective of role.

We would like to make a promise to you that if we make a mistake we will:

  • Inform our patients in a timely manner when safety incidents occur that will affect them.
  • We will provide a written and truthful account of any incident, giving details of any investigations and enquiries we might have made.
  • We will provide a written apology.
  • We will provide support if you are affected directly by an incident.

We will be governed by the following principles:


Enabling concerns and complaints to be raised freely without fear.


Allowing information about the truth, about performance and outcomes to be shared with staff, people who use the service, the public and regulators.


Any person who uses the service and harmed by the provision of a service provider is informed of the fact and an appropriate remedy offered, regardless of whether a complaint has been made or questions asked about it.